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The ideal automatic carpet slitting and cutting machine for high-volume operations, the BBC-10 Blade Deluxe (or, EZ Slitter) is equipped with 10 stainless steel circular blades for clean, consistent, and uniform cuts on all types of carpet. Adjustable blade positions allow for easy handling and cutting of varying sizes and widths. The EZ Slitter ultimately improves your operation’s quality and productivity by eliminating erratic and uneven single cuts, sore knees and high labor costs.



A roll of carpet is loaded onto the EZ Slitter cradle, and the edge is fed into the cutting system.

The EZ Slitter’s variable speed control allows you to adjust the cutting process with the press of a button.

Our exclusive patented Reverse Roll System allows you to backroll Carpet or Vinyl with pile or pattern-side out in one simple step.

A series of up to 10 circular blades easily cuts the carpet to the desired widths at a rate of up to 800 feet per minute.

Drive rollers pull the slit pieces of carpet neatly out of the system, resulting in clean, straight and even widths of carpet.

The EZ Slitter arrives assembled and ready to work.


POWER 220V (Single Phase); 60Hz; 15 Amp
DIMENSIONS Approx: 48" Wide x 36" Deep x 40" High
USE FOR High Volume Operations; Workrooms.
BLADES 5 1/2" Stainless Steel
CUT WIDTH 1" to 36"
CUT POSITION 1" intervals.
WEIGHT 400 Lbs. (approx.)
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